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Sinacola Core Curriculum Program

This multifaceted program is an Introduction to Basic Construction Skills, composed of self guided learning, instructional videos, dynamic presentations, and module assignments. There will be eights modules including 1) Build Your Future in Construction, 2) Basic Safety, 3) Introduction to Construction Math, 4) Introduction to Hand Tools, 5) Introduction to Power Tools, 6) Introduction to Construction Drawings, 7) Introduction to Basic Rigging, and 8) Introduction to Material Handling.   Upon registration payment, you will receive an email with instructions to register for a Pearson student account, where you will receive a custom student profile and can begin the program.


This program is required by Sinacola, so all results will be reported to the Human Resources Department.

Excavator Tractor

Hybrid Education Plan

These areas of education can be taken based on participants schedule. Timeline to complete this program is 6-months, per Sinacola requirement.

Self-Guided Learning

Each module includes a series of topics that you will click on when ready to start. Upon selecting play, an audio lesson will start. You have the option to listen fully, pause, move to the next lesson, or move to the previous one. 

Instructional Videos

There will be a series of instructional videos to listen to. You can pause, rewind, or fast forward, as needed.


Dynamic Presentation

This lesson includes objectives, performance tasks, and trade terms. There will be a combination of videos, examples, and review questions.

Module Assignments

This includes readings, concept checks, review questions, videos, and module practice quizzes.

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